Geldingadalir frรก Fagradalsfjalli volcano: A new little volcano is ‘born’ near Fagradalsfjall/Krysuvik. After thousands of earthquakes the ground was finally pierced. It is the first eruption on the Reykjanes peninsula in more than 800 years and some experts have suggested it may lead to a new eruptive era.
The area is far from any road (a few hours by foot on difficult paths, according to Iceland Civil Protection) and it is preferable to avoid the area due to high gas emissions. Follow experts guidelines if you want to go and have a look.
If you can’t visit the best way to have a good viewing point is thank to RUV, that set up a live stream from the area:

CORONAVIRUS > Infections keeps increasing and decreasing. Iceland seems to keep the same rules as late 2020 (test-quarantine-test) for visitors. In case there are changes (I won’t report them) I suggest you to visit the following sites:





In the early months of 2002, my parents asked me if I had any desire on where to go on vacation. Iceland was my answer, even tough I knew nothing about this place. It was a strange name for a nation and it intrigued me.
My father was not excited about my idea, but luckily my mother agreed. Little did we knew that we were about to fall in love.