2018 – Day 11

The eleventh day was planned as a joker day.


From Skaftafell airport, is it possible to do sightseeing flights, but since the weather is not too predictable, is it better to have at least two days in order to postpone the tour.

In our case the weather wasn’t great, so we decided to move the flight to the following day, and that gave us a bit of free time… or not. We had before Jokulsarlon, where Skuas nest, then at the iceberg filled lake. This time we did not take a boat tour, nowaday the area is packed with tourists.

We reached Skaftafell in the early afternoon, where we checked in at the hotel. To fill out our free time we headed to Kirkjubaejarklaustur. We just forgot how far it was, and the road is pretty booring: straight and in the middle of a sandur. 

Here we had a look for Systrafoss but we missed it, instead we found Stjornarfoss. 

Because of the long afternoon trip we just had time to go back to our hotel.

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