2018 – Day 16

Instead of driving to Landmannalaugar from south, since we had to change previous hotel, we tackled the road from Gullfoss. After a short drive southward we headed east.

Some nice roads and a few waterfalls in, we met Hrauneyjar. From here we took road F208. The landscapes are colorful like paintings. Β Traffic became sparse and we started enjoying the twisty gravel road.

After a while we encountered the junction with Landmannalaugar road. This beautiful spot is just a few kilometers away. At the time, the road to Vik was closed due to thawing.

You can park a bit far from Landmannalaugar and get there with pedestrian bridges, or cross two small rivers. Obviously we had to test our rental car.

On the way back we had a few stops to admire the nature. We decided to take the first road to the west and skip Hrauneyjar. The road was full of potholes (probably due to the winter) but very enjoyable. We had to cross two tiny rivers and a shallow but large one.

We arrived on road 26, wich at this location is still a good road. It was time to get back to Gullfoss.

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