2018 – Day 17

We got up early in order to find less tourists at Geysir and Gullfoss.

This probably saved us huge crowds, but we still found a few groups. Geysir is a hot springs park where a geyser named Strokkur erupts every 10 minutes. The park is named after the great Geysir, which in recent years saw a drop in its activity. We never saw this geyser in action up to this day.

A short stop to Gullfoss was required. We took some pictures and set up some camera car before entering road 35.

This road has changed sensibly since 2004. Nowadays it is not restricted to offroad vehicles but some big cars can drive trough it (refer to car rental instructions). It is still marvellous, since you travel to a different world. It looks like the moon, or travelling millions of years in the past. 

That day we had strong winds, so we could not deploy the drones for some aerial footages. The anemometer showed us gusts up to 90km/h.

We reached Varmahlid where we got a small apartment for the night.

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