How to travel around

There are plenty of tours that you can book in advance, that will bring you to the main attractions. But in my opinion by car is the best option. Car Rental prices are quite high due to the bad roads you may encounter. A 2 wheel drive car is suitable for most (if not all) the main touristic places. Be aware that those cars can’t be driven on F roads and are not the best option. 4 Wheel drive vehicles are surely the best option. Here too, it is best to check with your Rental service if there are limitations. Do not underestimate where you want to drive. And remember, even a full insurance won’t cover damages caused by stupidity.
Another thing to take in consideration is that off-road, here, means bad roads that need good vehicles. Driving off-road is prohibited! Track marks outside the paths stay visible for a long time and the damages are huge. Tyre punctures are not covered by insurances due to the road conditions, many tyre shops around Iceland will tell you that a puncture every week of travel is not that unusual. We had only one puncture in the longest trip (22 days) and none in the previous, but a friend had 4 punctures in 2 weeks.

Here a small collection of what may happen (luckily not to us), but before a few links on this argument. And remember this rule ‘better safe than sorry’.

Driving with Elfis: a great collection of video recaps

Iceland Transport Authority

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