2018 – Day 19

What a long day!

We took road 88 southward. It was not a difficult road (someone says it is a nice road, others say it is difficult, with deep river crossings) and took us near Herdubreid. The landscape was lovely and relaxing.

Soon we met Vatnajokull national park rangers. They are very helpful and nice and try to keep the tourist from driving offroad or litter. Sadly many tourists are dumb, and just don’t care about the environment or who will visit tomorrow. We always clean after ourselves and try to respect the local nature. Paths are enough to have offroad experience, there is no need to ruin the landscape (it take ages to heal back after trackmarks are made).

The grey desert changed quickly to a lava field, and then a sand desert… and then to a green oasi with a few little lakes. 

Askja is far, and it takes quite a lot to reach it. The last few kilometers are a bit rough and the speed should be reduced. 

There is a parking, and from there you can reach Viti and Askja crater in about 1h walking time. 

After visiting Askja we took the roads toward Narfarsstadir. Here the desert changed at every turn: grey, black, gold, sand, rocks,…

Our planned hotel was just near road 1, but, the planned tour for the following day had to be cancelled (F910 and F26 were still closed). We changed our stay with a Djupivogur hotel.

It was quite far, but, at least, a very nice place. 

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