2019 – Day 3

The weather was still nice, so we decided to cover more distance. It was time for Asbyrgi!

Once visited the beautiful horseshoe shaped canyon I decided to reach Raufarhofn. In 2018 we saw pictures of the Arctic Henge with the Northern Lights: I was hoping to have the same experience.

We waited for the sunset exploring the sorroundings. Aurora forecast applications gave us a bit of hope.

We forgot to buy dinner! While waiting for the sky lights we decided to search for a restaurant. Not a pleasant situation! Always plan in advance situations like this! In Raufarhofn there was nothing. We drove to Porshofn, where we had a nice dinner in the summer, but sadly the restaurant was close for a few weeks. 

Where? I tried to call a restaurant in Kopasker with no luck: and that meant that our first chance of getting a hot meal was 160km away (1h50) in the dark.

We had not a lot of time: the chosen restaurant was closing in 3 hours.

On the way back, near Raufarhofn road, my girlfriend decided to investigate a long cloud. She took a few pictures that came out green. We stopped at the side of the road and took a few horrible, out of focus and shaken pictures. 

Note: We wanted to see the Northern Lights, but we never look into HOW to take pictures of them. We were under equipped.

We saw something, but we also lost precious minutes in the cold. Time to leave.

We managed to reach Husavik 40 minutes before closing time. 

After the hot and lovely dinner we headed back to our hotel. Not far from Husavik we stopped again. Aurora index was only Kp3 but we still enjoyed it. We even saw it move like in some videos!

Remember the note I made earlier… the pictures are rubbish. But we loved it, and for us those pictures are precious.